juli 2009

Summer in Bergen

For a couple of weeks ago my dad, two of my younger siblings and I went to Bergen for the weekend. My dad works there and we joined him :)We didn't do much really, just ate good food and had a ...

Morning tea

Sitting here with my mac and a warm cup of red roseship tea :)The days go by and my lack of inspiration these days makes me bored.I don't even know what to write on this blog anymore! I've ...


I have decided to start with this to-do list every day I blog. I made this "Deliriums desk", even though my desk doesn't look like that for real, I wish though. In real life I have a ...


Hi, I'm Delirium.I'm 18 and this is my blog.This is where I bare my heart out and write down all my sporadic thoughts on ..well, everything.

Under konstruksjon.

Fra tid til annen vil designet her p bloggen ikke se helt bra ut, da jeg jobber med fikse et par ting her og der, men fr ikke tid til alt p en gang!Mye som har skjedd i det siste, masse bilder...

P rmmen, ferie, drligblogging;)

M bare dele dette med dere, altfor humor, akkurat som p film jo..;-P KLIKK HER FOR LESE  "Jeg er p rmmen, er du p rmmen du og?" Anyway, var i Bergen fra onsdag...


Heihei folkens! Ville bare si at ja, jeg lever! Hvis jeg har noen faste lesere som er innom da? :)N er sola borte og skikkelig dritt vr har tatt over, torden, lyn og s ps regnvr har dominert d...
Karoline - Delirium.

Karoline - Delirium.

21, Oslo

I have personal interests in movies, music, photography, world history, cooking, web design, interior design, fashion, animals, and (at least im trying to) keeping fit. I also do have a passion in traveling, and I hope to visit many countries and experience the many cultures and lifestyles of the world someday!