Not the right music for a saturdays night

No, not quite.. These songs are not for the ones in partymood! hehe.

I'm sitting home alone while everyone is out having fun tonight, yeah I know, *feeling emo* :P

I'm not totally emo though, probably going out in an hour or so, if my friends get their asses on the bus ;-)

But ANYWAY, I found back to these songs. These really sweet, kinda-sad, kinda-too beautiful songs.

Listen to the song "Danzig" from this site:

And listen to the song "Hazel" from this site:

And at last but not least "Wish You Well" from this site:

"Hazel" is probably on my list of some of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. Not that I really have one of those lists.. But when I think about it could be fun to have one! Second thought, why bother, I got my iTouch<3
Well back to "Hazel", it's not the most beautiful song compared to hundreds of other songs and bands and musicians like fex. Metallica. After my opinion, and I guess after a lot of other peoples opinions as well, they're not in the same league, but, few are ;-)

Kim Lia is my cousin, I love his voice. He's a few (read: quite many actually) years older than me, and when I was a little kid I always looked up to him. I thought he was he coolest guy ever, he had tattoos and liked rock and metal music:) (Still do as far as I know;p)

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Karoline - Delirium.

Karoline - Delirium.

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