I have decided to start with this to-do list every day I blog.
I made this "Deliriums desk", even though my desk doesn't look like that for real, I wish though.
In real life I have a white macbook without mighy mouse and that keyboard, my iPod is a iPod Touch and that coffee, well, that's just a dream;-)
But it's cute, right? :)

300709 copy2

Exuse my handwriting, I tried this BAMBOO pen tool thingy out, it's fun, but really hard to make it look nice..

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30.07.2009 kl.15:11

jeg har konkurranse p bloggen min hvor du kan vinne ditt yndlingsplagg fra, de har masse fine kjoler osv :-D sjekk det ut.

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Karoline - Delirium.

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